Nonprofit Environmental Sustainability Intern

Job Description

About the company: Green Initiatives is a nonprofit organization that promotes awareness, facilitates actions and implements projects towards sustainable models of growth and consumption.

Focusing on China, our mission is to minimize or reverse the environmental degradation brought about by economic growth and ensure that economic development and a better standard of living does not have to come at the cost of a deteriorating environment.


  • Constantly seek out researchers, scientists or companies that are developing new sustainable ideas and solutions.
  • Assist in the organization and coordination of events where we promote awareness of environmental sustainability issues as well as their solutions.
  • Assist in the management of projects that we organize where we implement feasible ideas, products and technologies.
  • Conduct industry research.
  • Assist in communication with partners, sponsors, media and various stakeholders.
  • Assist in the marketing and promotion of our events and projects.
  • Assist in the preparation of presentations and other documents.

Preferred Skills

  • Strong believer in CSR, environmental protection and sustainable practices.
  • Passionate about new and innovative ideas, methods and technologies that promote sustainability.
  • Possess a high level of initiative, resourceful and able to get things done with limited supervision – special attention to follow up with seniors in organization.
  • Proficient in MS Excel and PowerPoint – Mac knowledge preferred.
  • Proficient in navigating and leveraging social media.
  • Bilingual with either English or Mandarin as first language. Working proficiency in oral and written Mandarin preferred.



Duration 3 Months

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