Intern of the Strategy department in a Venture Capital company

Job Description

The Venture Capital company was founded by two billionaires, who were willing to invest in start-ups around the world in order to advise them on the following issues:

  • Market Entry and Growth Strategies.
  • Support for internal and external financing rounds especially in agribusiness and mining.
  • Structuring of the Chinese company.
  • Financial Operations Management.
  • Legal, fiscal and tax advice.
  • Knowledge Transfer and Value Creation.


  • Preparation of Business Plans for Investment Companies.
  • Search for new Opportunities and Potential Customers.
  • Providing support in Growth and Exit Strategies.
  • Locate and Identify Start-Ups looking for investment.

Preferred Skills

  • Graduate in Marketing, Business Administration or Finance.
  • English Language Proficiency.
  • Great capacity of Multitasking and Proactivity when looking for Job Opportunities.



Duration 3 Months

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