Hotel Management

Job Description

The main family, sports and wellness center located in Shanghai. Its vast experience in club management and its international management team has laid a good foundation for the club's operating system. The unique facilities and services, including a rigorous client system, allow members to enjoy exclusive, high quality benefits. Through the "Edutainment" (Education and Entertainment) programs offered to all families, we help children learn and enjoy every moment.

We offer a unique set of features, focusing on providing special family moments that can be cherished by their loved ones forever. We focus on meeting the needs of children, mothers, fathers and grandparents. We offer a wide variety of facilities and "Edutainment" (Education and Entertainment) for all family members.

Under the charge of the Director of Operation.

Responsible for working hand in hand with the manager and accepting delegated responsibilities and duties with the goal of eventually becoming a manager. To ensure the correct and efficient operation of the different areas assigned, such as reception or restaurant. To operate the areas as a business unit, according to the standards and procedures and principles of practice manager. To achieve the objectives of the department, in terms of customer satisfaction, financial goals, training and high employee morale.


  • Shared apartment in the city centre, financed by the company.
  • Internship visa paid by the company.
  • The opportunity to meet very influential people.

Preferred Skills

  • Working with other managers to plan and direct work in front of the counter, reception, restaurants, children's area etc..
  • Ensure that the service is carried out according to the standards.
  • Help develop Policies and Procedures, in accordance with club policies and guidelines.
  • Receive instructions on topics related to the rotational experience.
  • Work in different departments to gain other perspectives, including the counter, restaurant, children's area etc..
  • Handle guest complaints and report to the Director of Operations.
  • Adhere to formal training program guidelines.
  • Attend to periodic evaluations.
  • Assist the director of operations in formulating annual and monthly budgets.
  • Participate in the process of interviewing, hiring and training workers.
  • Use company reports to analyze sales, gross profit, and inventory activity.
  • Identify trends and recommend proactive or remedial actions to manage business situations.
  • Notify management of market activity through competitive price list and product monitoring and analysis.
  • Work with and through management to develop and implement actions that protect the company's assets and profitability.
  • Coordination and communication with other departments to ensure employee and guest satisfaction.
  • Develop and implement a promotional plan to increase revenue in the department.
  • Good command of food and beverage service, product and menu knowledge.



Duration 6 Months

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