Management & Operations Intern for a Juice Corporation

Job Description

You will work for a company providing nutritional products within the food & beverages industry and e-commerce sector in China. This company is the pioneering line of 100% raw vegetable and fruit juices in China. Their hugely popular line of juice cleanses designed to detoxify and purify the body are sold in individual bottles.

At this stage of Organization development, the company is moving- out of the frontier stage and into system, structures and measurements. The emphasis on this internship is analysing macro-view business strategy as well as streamlining the day-to-day operations.

Engineering background isn’t strictly required for this Operations and Management position but it is always a plus. However, this position is suitable for someone with a vast interest in the hospitality industry, food production for direct and large consumer market. We will be soon opening our first retail shop location and the candidate will have the opportunity to join management team and assist on daily basis operations.

The CEO and Directors of this company have years of experience within this industry and will dedicate valuably hours into training their interns.

Preferred Skills

The ideal Candidate should be interested in pursuing a career in e-commerce, food & hospitality industry or general management operations. Ideally a blend of all that.

This position will shadow the CEO as well as the Executive Director as needed and serve as “right arm” by preparing for meetings, attending meetings, supporting department initiatives and correspondence, Budget Management, Operations & Strategy.



Duration 3 Months

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