About Intuuchina

Hooray! Don’t judge us too much if we congratulate ourselves…

We’ve been featured in B-UIC Magazine published by the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences (FCES) at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC) in Barcelona, Spain.  As our founders all hail from Barcelona, and Marc Ramon Hernadez graduated from the esteemed UIC, we are flattered by the attention and honored to be a window into Chinese business.

In the article Hernandez and Fernando de Zavala, two of three founders, are interviewed about their work experience in China and their motivation to start IntuuChina.  Hernandez and de Zavala explain that IntuuChina, which offers post-arrival support, personalized placement and business mentors, serves a niche in the China recruiting market: “We immediately realized that these [other headhunting companies] were selling their practices as an isolated service and they were placing you in companies that were not really your objective…we realized that if the two market leaders were providing a service that was below expectations, then there was a need there, a gap to be filled.”

Throughout the post, Hernandez and de Zavala mention their own personal experiences studying and working in China, careful to point out differences with other parts of the world. A key point is the intensity of business relationship.  Unlike the West, which relies on business networking as a pool of skills, business contacts are much more familial in China. 

Hernandez explains the need for ‘guanxi’ the unique word to describe the Chinese corporate kin-like relationship.  He remembers the difficulty of beginning a career in China without having his own ‘guanxi’: the main drawback [to working in China] is that it is very difficult to establish commercial relationships and not to be passed over if you don’t have a good position, work in a good company or have not obtained a first introduction through someone trusted by the person you want to be introduced to.” 

We’re so proud of Marc and pleased with the story because it showcases our team’s knowledge of working in China.  Additionally, the piece illustrates our eagerness to connect students and young professionals to this part of the world so that they can experience dynamic market for themselves. 

Please find a link to the entire magazine and full version of the story appearing on pages 27-28 via this link: http://www.uic.es/en/b-uic