Golden Week China


Mid-Autumn Festival earlier this September has left everyone stuffed with mooncakes. For those not currently in China, it is around this time when people are bombarded with pictures, news articles and adverts of scrumptious mooncake. This public holiday involves family gatherings and outdoor activities such as floating sky lanterns and giving offerings to the full moon. Before heading home for the holidays people at the office normally give each other a smooth, melt-in-your-mouth pastry layer enfolding a sweet, dense filling that may sometimes contain a salted egg yolk in their center (the symbol of the full moon).

Just as we reminisce of this public holiday though, October starts with a national week-long holiday known as Golden Week. Golden Week in China normally falls on the first of October where millions of Chinese travel domestically for family reunions, vacations or shopping malls. Alternatively (and probably wisely) some go abroad as this week is when everyone recommends you to avoid travel at all costs.

Claustrophobics prepare yourselves: see here and here. Golden Week was originally set in place to allow workers to make long-distance trips to visit family which would in turn expand the domestic tourism market. Whether it’s a good thing for the economy or not, it at least means you’ll be out of the office for a week and that’s something everyone can look forward to. In any case, for those unlucky (or lucky) ones that will stay put during this National Week in China can enjoy your Golden Week in China by relaxing in bed. Watch a marathon rerun of all your favorite sitcoms or films, thankful that you’re not queuing for hours on end. If you’re still disappointed at the lack of sightseeing you’ll actually be doing this week in China, experience virtual China from the comfort of your bed! Golden Week in China is upon us and for those of you thinking of traveling around China, think again. Enjoy your week long holidays in Shanghai.

Enjoy national holidays in China by going abroad, outside of China, or staying put as Golden Week in China is one of the worst weeks to travel.