Chinese Taste Delights

When it comes to smells and tastes, China has a lot of extraordinary experiences to offer. There are certainly some interesting aromas to inhale when walking around in Shanghai. But today, we want to introduce you to the Chinese world of food. Starting from instant noodles, over dumplings to street food and century eggs, China has everything (but cheese). You might think that instant noodles are not that extraordinary but let me show you in how many different variations instant noodles come in China:


Apparently,all of these have different flavors and seasonings but somehow they all taste the same. A great alternative to these somewhat weird noodles are dumplings. Dumplings come in different sizes, different tastes, with or without soup, fried orsteamed, spicy or not and they are just amazing. In their essence, dumplings are the Chinese version of Italian tortellini, Russian pelmeni, Austrian kasnudeln and Spanish/ South American empanadas. Obviously, all of these other versions taste differently than Chinese dumplings but the principle is the same: dough on the outside, meat or vegetables or seafood on the inside.


Another food that one cannot miss out on when in Shanghai is street food and especially street barbecue. One can get a lot of different foods on the street but fried rice or fried noodles together with some barbecued chicken and some veggies is an impeccable dinner and/or late night snack! Another thing that is impeccable about street food is the price! It is very hard to spend more than 2 euros (for one person) on it. Just one general piece of advice: Unless you fancy sausages that taste a little sweet, you might want to keep your hands off of the sausage. They might look like real sausages but they are most likely not! And don’t forget to tell your ayi or your shifu to make it yi dian dian laa (to tell the person that is making the barbecue that you want your food a little bit spicy). Of course you can also have fried dumplings off the street!


A ‘specialty’ of the Chinese cuisine is definitely the century eggs. Century eggs are preserved eggs that depending on the way of processing are already a few weeks or months old. To my very own surprise, I had one of these eggs a few days back and it didn’t taste all that horribly. It might not have been my favorite food so far but it was definitely edible! I’ll spare you the pictures of this one; it truly does not look very appetizing.

In China, things do easily get lost in translation, so if you see ‘Bang Bang chicken’ on the menu, don’t be afraid. Chances are that it is just regular chicken with sauce.



All in all, China has definitely more ‘extraordinary’ foods to offer than one blog entry could possibly cover. Most of it is worth trying though!