Summer 2017 Internship in China

April fool’s day is round the corner and will also mark the 3 months countdown to Summer. You are probably coming to terms with the first semester of University and sooner than later, the few last months at University will be filled with final assignments and revisions for the final exams.

Have you thought about what is coming up next?

Obviously, it is crucial to rest a little bit after an intense year at University. However, as the employment market gets more and more competitive, it is also important to capitalise on the time you have left. We believe you can both maximise your employability whilst still having fun. How? You ask… Simply by considering an internship abroad. As Lao-Tzu famously said, ‘The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’. It is not too late to consider an internship abroad for this Summer 2017 and IntuuChina can help you make it happen. Simply reflect on these 3 facts:

1 – Working abroad is a real mind-opener

‘Travelling shapes the youth.’, says the French. Going abroad will not only expose yourself to new cultures but it will also help you explore yourself. What you will discover is unique to your own individual self but the outcome is definitely worth experiencing. Living in another culture is so much fun and rewarding and if you are ever scared of experiencing ‘homesickness’, rest assured that a summer internship abroad does not allow enough time to experience this dreaded feeling.

2 – A real CV-booster

Being exposed to the world and its people help you develop well sought after skills of resilience, patience and ultimately, it will allow you to step back, see the bigger picture and develop your ability to think outside the box. All of the above is really appreciated by potential employers and will definitely make you stand out on the job market.

3 - China is the place to be

There is no doubt that China is currently one of the hottest places to learn from at the present moment. Its economy is booming, attracting thousands of multinational firms. An internship in China can lead you beyond what you originally expected. Indeed, networking opportunities within your company, your circle of new friends and even party revellers when you’ll go out can prove to be useful contacts for your future career.

IntuuChina can help you land into an internship in China and take the hassle out off job hunting, house hunting and travelling abroad whilst you are still studying at University.  Send us your CV and let us help you experience China first-hand and create life-long opportunities for the rest of your career.