Smart Airport Transfers in Shanghai

You just arrived from a long international journey and your eyes are barely alert and probably confused by the Chinese signs everywhere. No worries, we have prepared a comprehensive list of your transfer options from Shanghai airports to the city Centre.

From Pudong Airport

Pudong is divided between two international terminals. If you are landing and want to make your way to the city, no need to acknowledge where you are landing. However, if you are leaving from Pudong, make sure you know which Terminal your airline is flying from.

- The Metro – 6RMB

Line 2 will become your best friend. It takes approximately 45 minutes to join the city centre.  Rather than standing in the line to take a metro ticket, buy a shanghai metro card (20RMB = 3euros) and top it up with the amount you want. It is a simple pay as you go card that will save you a lot of time when metro stations machines will be busy. As an indication, a metro ride in Shanghai costs approximately 3-4RMB. Also, do not be surprised but you will have to change  carriages at Guanglan Road to continue to the city centre.

- The Maglev – 40RMB+costs

Ever dreamt of riding the 30 km (19mi) to the city centre in 6-7 minutes? It is possible if you take the Maglev. The Maglev operates between 6.45 to 21.40It does not land you exactly in the city centre but at Longyang Road Station from where you will have to take the line 2 or taxi to arrive at your final destination. The L.E.D. speedometer is an attraction as it quickly reaches the maximum speed of 431 km/h (268 mph). Be aware that the maximum speed is only reached between 9.00-10.45 and 15.00-15.45 due to noise restrictions. A fun way to save time to the centre!

- Taxi – On the meter

Taxi Lines are well organized from Pudong. Journey fares start with a flat rate of 14RMB (April 2014) daytime and 18RMB nighttime. You should pay between 120-180RMB to reach most parts of Shanghai. Taxis in Shanghai are always on the meter!

- Arriving late

Some flights arrive very late and transportation gets very difficult past 23.00. If you are on a budget and do not want to take the taxi, take the special night bus line. The last bus will depart 45 minutes after the last plane arrives. It goes to all these stations: Longyang Road Subway Station, Dongfang Rd Zhangyang Rd, East Hospital (Pudong Avenue), Middle Zhejiang Rd (Yan'an Rd/People's Square), Shimen 1st Rd (Yan'an Rd), Huashan Rd (Yan'an Rd/Jing'an Temple), Hongxu Rd (Yan'an Rd)

From Hongqiao

Hongqiao is more famous for its domestic connections but if you were in transit somewhere else, you might end up at Hongqiao, Shanghai’s first airport.

- The Metro – Line 2 and Line 10

Both tube lines connect the airport to most places in the city centre. You can also take line 2 to go to Pudong airport.

- Taxi

Same as for Pudong, it is very convenient to take the taxi from Hongqiao. As the airport is closer to the centre, it should cost you around 40-60RMB to join most places in Shanghai.

Don’t forget to note down your final destination’s address in Chinese and print of map of Shanghai’s tube and a google maps prints of the surroundings of your accommodation would not hurt either. However, if you do not want to worry about your airport transfer, why not use our services? Drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that we can give you a quote. Enjoy Shanghai!