Dining Etiquette

A series of rules and etiquette you must have to take into consideration before having a formal dinner in China.


1. If you are a big group of people, you will be placed on a round dining table. As many people can be seated around it conveniently facing each other.

 2. Dining might only begin when the host and all his/her guests are seated. The host should take care of all the guests, inviting them to enjoy the meal.

3. The person who sits closest to the drink, should pour it for others. From the other side, when others fill your cup or glass, you should express your thanks.

4. The host should toast others first with a simple prologue to let the dining start. During the dinner, anyone can toast you or vice versa. When someone toasts you, you have to stop eating and drinking to accept and toast in response. If the person you want to toast, you can rap on the table to attract attention rather than shout during the dinner.

5. It is not usual to finish all the dishes on the table since that is considered that the host did not provide enough food. All guests should leave the table after the host.