Chopsticks Etiquette

Chopsticks Etiquettes


Dining is one of the most used activities as to welcome a guest or an employee. Therefore, we should know how to behave properly during a formal dinner.

When you are invited to a formal Chinese dinner, there are a series of etiquette you should know in order to have a good impression on your host. One of those etiquettes is the chopsticks etiquette, which is as important as your manners on the table. We provide you a list of 8 things you should not do during a formal dinner:

1. Stick them chopsticks in the center of the bowl of rice, since it considered being inauspicious because it represents the God of Dead.


2. Rest your chopsticks vertically. Instead, place the front end of the chopsticks on the chopstick rests. These are usually small ceramic rests placed near your napkin on the right hand side of your bowl.

3. Play with the chopsticks


4. Point them at others or wave them


5. Chew on the ends of the chopsticks

6. One should not 'dig' or 'search' through one's food for something in particular. This is sometimes known as "digging one's grave" or "grave-digging" and is extremely poor manners.

7. Do not knock on a dish or bowl with your chopsticks. This is recognized as beggar’s behavior in China.


8. Passing a piece of food to someone with your chopsticks -- or receiving food by snatching it with your chopsticks -- is extremely taboo.The gesture is too similar to the passing of cremated bones at funerals between loved ones with chopsticks. If you must pass food, put it on the recipient's plate!

All these rules might sound weird but I assure you that, as long as you follow Chinese dining etiquette, you will have a very good impression on your hosts and who knows; maybe you can even be promoted after a dinner with your boss!