5 Reasons why Shanghai is the greatest city in the world

Also called the Magic City, Shanghai has captivated millions of foreigners arriving to its shores for business or pleasure.  Here we look to share some of the reasons why we believe Shanghai is such a great city to live or work in: 

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kI3Oc-sxSoA

Delivery to your door:For all of us that work in China, food delivery is a must in a busy day but this is not only Chinese food, all things can easily and quickly be delivered to your door. Whether it’s the latest phone, foreign food, a heavy plant in a pot or a barbeque cook to impress your dinner guests with! Everything can be delivered to your door in record time.

Saturday marriage market of People Sqr:
Shanghai is a profoundly different culture to those in the West and being able to immerse oneself in the culture is tremendous fun. One of these great spots is People Square in Saturday morning and see couples of parents or even grandparents networking and helping their sons or daughters get a life partner.

Shanghai Tailor Market:
For all of you fashionistas, the tailor market of shanghai offers one a great opportunity to keep up with the latest trends in Asia and all over the world. You will come out an expert in fashion and a well-dressed negotiator as you walk down the stairs back into the buzzing streets of Shanghai. If you have the chance to experience an internship in China, make sure you make your way into this market to get a good suit for your first day.

Street dancing:
Who said ballroom dancing needed a ballroom? Early in the mornings and after working hours in Shanghai the city shows the tight knit community spirit when pensioners gather in the street with a boom box to dance.  This is not a hip-hop battle but rather a graceful set of dance moves that look similar to Tai-Chi.

Mag Lev train:
Without doubt this train is the fastest one in the world. Engineered with magnet technology the train is basically floating on top of the rails to reduce friction and reaching whopping 431 km/h. If you are in Shanghai, do it! You will have bragging rights for many years to come

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