Work ethic

Qualities of a Good/Strong Work Ethic

Work ethic is a keyword that can come up when doing job searches and may even come up during one of your job interviews. Questions and requests like, “Describe your work ethic”, “We are looking for someone with a strong work ethic”, and “what does work ethic mean to you?” are the typical. If you haven’t already thought of an answer to those questions or are scratching your head as you’re not sure what work ethic means, we will first start off with defining it for you.

Work ethic is the value you base on consistent and earnest hard work and the moral benefits you achieve because of it. There are certain qualities that a person with a strong work ethic possesses. When interviewing applicants, HR managers will look for examples of a good work ethic. So make sure to back-up “I have a strong work ethic” with examples.

Some qualities of a strong work ethic are as follows:

  • Work smart – Apart from working hard, working smart means strategizing to become more efficient in the work place. Speed up your productivity and make the most of it while in the office.
  • Integrity – This morally-good and honest quality helps you foster trusting relationships within the company whether with colleagues or with clients.
  • Responsibility – When an employee feels a sense of responsibility they will be more likely to show up on time ready to work every day, meet deadlines and follow the company’s guidelines.
  • Emphasis on Quality – The quality of the work you produce isn’t the bare minimum, you go on and beyond of what is expected. You care about the quality content you produce.
  • Discipline – When working in front of a computer it can be very tempting to slack off and surf the web mindlessly or check your Facebook, but having discipline means you have the dedication and commitment and strive to do your part.
  • Cooperation – Although you may excel when working individually, you can adjust and work just as well in a team.

These are just a few qualities which makes a strong work ethic. If you have any or all of these qualities you can show them off at your next job interview but be sure to follow them with a specific example.