Palhinha Interview

Manuel Palhinha came to China after specializing in marketing, communication and advertising and has stood out in a highly competitive sector. He has acquired the experience and skills necessary to become a viable and highly sought candidate in any world market. Working for companies that target both Chinese and foreign consumers has given him the tools to make successful brands by inspiring and challenging him in a way only China can.

“Living abroad is one of the most amazing experiences anyone can have. And mine has certainly changed me forever and offered me precious lessons for the future. I don’t hesitate recommending this experience to any young talent seeking for opportunities in China. “

China presents foreigners with unique opportunities to learn and develop, especially in marketing which is a fast growing sector.

“It’s a great professional experience to work in such a different context than most people are used to. The professionals that get out of their comfort zone and embrace challenges abroad will definitely develop great skills for their future professional career… Especially for young graphic designers, they can find here a lot of different visual Asian inspiration with China’s vibrant culture and visual richness.”

Local talent that knows how to combine Chinese and Western insights has become harder to find. As China continues to move forward in leaps and bounds the need for foreign talent grows. Manuel and many others have gotten in on the ground floor.

“China is currently one of the most dynamic business environments in the world. It has allowed me to ignite my communication, networking & PR skills. China is the best place for that with its frenetic growing pace. I´ve learned how to be independent and how to improvise in unexpected situations.”

Young foreigners moving to China have all found that opportunities are abundant. If you look for opportunities and actively pursue them there is no limit to what can be accomplished. Manuel offers his advice on being successful.

“The trick to make effective advertising is surprise people with surprising messages… (Be) resilient and committed… at the end results will come.”

Through his greatest strength, persistence, Manuel has integrated himself into the booming business world of China and has built a name for himself as a highly motivated and successful marketer.

Getting your foot in the business world has become increasingly difficult. The world, however, has become much more accessible. China is quickly becoming a dominant economic power but is still bridging the gap between East and West and needs capable foreigners to do so. Connecting the two will be a monumental achievement in the business world and will shift the focus of global economics.