Our Vision

IntuuChina is proud of the community that we are building and all the people who are part of it. Our priority is to these individuals. Setting a path for them to follow ensures that every member stays focused and doesn’t lose their way. Giving them guidance allows them to see what is down the road and prepares them for any challenge. Setting up signposts and milestones gives them the confidence to keep moving forward and most importantly allows them to enjoy the journey and fall in love with China, the ancient middle nation that to them is a new world of possibilities.

This is the core of our vision. We want to make sure that these ideals are represented at all times and stress that our service is primarily guidance. An important part of that message is the IntuuChina logo. The first thing that people will see and the image that will be synonymous with IntuuChina must convey this story. To tell our story Manuel Palhinha designed a logo that was inspired by China’s rich history and guiding principles.

China is our land of opportunity. It is the dragon that when we tame will allow us entry into a new world. We must explore this new world using a map. The focus of our logo is a map which was designed by people who have successfully navigated China and now guide those who come after.

For thousands of years the Chinese lantern has been a guiding light. The earliest of all portable guiding devices, it uses the color red to bring good fortune and joy on the roads we travel. The lantern changes from bright to dark as the traveler continues on his journey. This light is a source of comfort as it illuminates the path and exposes any obstacles. Our logo uses these shades of red in the same way as the lantern making the road safe for anyone who holds it.

The arrow shows our destination. It is the final goal and the end of our travels. Broken down to its simplest form the arrow is a triangle that represents our ambitions. The map that is the IntuuChina logo uses triangles to show the many different destinations of our lives and the various approaches we can take.

These represent our professional goals but IntuuChina believes there is more to be gained than career growth. To achieve any kind of growth there must be personal fulfillment. China offers insights and reflections that deepen our understanding of the world and ourselves. It challenges us in unexpected ways that creates a drive to succeed and makes any roadblock a joy to overcome. This is the real reason we fall in love with China and is represented by the grey elements in the IntuuChina logo. Forming a heart reminds us of the human aspect of our careers and the emotional connections that shape us. In its entirety we are inspired to be INTO other options, IN for a greater journey, willing to change TO other contexts, being IntuuChina.