How would life be if someone...

What inspired this post was my observation of how long people spend several months or even years trying to find work in their home country for several months or even years.

The truth is I could write a book telling you all about my different anecdotes on interviews, internship requirements, and job searches and so on. Nonetheless, I am going to focus on a few tips I have come up with for recent grads or those in their last year of college, with or without work experience and multiple languages under their belt.

The context in which all this takes place is in Spain. Many already know that the country is going through an economic crisis, where unemployment is at 25.1% (source: and is affecting many young people.

The disappointment is widespread across classrooms in schools where people are beginning to wonder if they should leave school and work in a field not related to their studies since their prospective outlook doesn’t have a good future. Anybody can be influenced by this atmosphere of negativity but there are others who are taking the bull by the horns by searching for opportunities in other countries.

Prepare yourself and do research:

1. Set a goal: Despite the obstacles you will come across or if your goal is no attainable in the short term, do not deviate! Keep your long term goal in mind and strive for it.
2. Invest in your education: Just because you’ve finished your bachelor degree that doesn’t mean you’ve successfully completed your part. Take extra curriculum courses to complement your studies. When was the last time you took English? Retake some courses!
3. Personal Brand: Think of all your different interests and see how they match with your studies to have an idea about that dream job you can have personally and professionally. Work on your personal brand so that others can have a coherent image of who you are and what you stand for.
4. Professional Internships: There are different types of internships, those where you can actually learn and grow in the company (a minority) and those where interns work the coffee machine and photocopier and have no opportunities of advancement.

Internships Abroad:

If you want to be among the first group of interns, prepare your suitcase and your academic and professional background and go abroad! You can do your research online from your home country or jump on a flight to find work on your own in said country. The process can be long, difficult and frustrating or you can find someone to look work for you.

"Craziest thing I’ve heard!" you think. I do not intend to encourage idleness or laziness on your part. The upside of contacting someone to search for employment opportunities for you is that there are people more efficient at finding companies offering internship opportunities that offer personal and professional growth within the company.

I do encourage the idea of finding the resources that guarantees an internship abroad, without having to go through the seemingly never-ending selection processes of different companies. Instead it only takes a free Skype consultation and these HR recruiters will take care of matching your profile with current open internship positions. Aside from offering internship positions with high possibility of promotion, these positions offer experience that can help you gain quality skills in a very short period of time (3-6 months). You will also have real responsibilities in your day-to-day internship where the only coffee that you’ll be making will be yours!

So how would your life be if someone else sought out the ideal job for you?