ECommerce in China

China: World Leader in Ecommerce

This past month, on the 29th of May, the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China released data showing that Chinese consumers purchase more things online than the United States.
Online retail sales in China have grown 41.2% since 2012, while the United States have only seen a 16.9% increase in 2013. This is in part due to China´s push and support for the development of new technologies and innovative business models that have become a cornerstone for economic growth in recent years.

This change in shopping habits is due to that fact that almost half of China´s population now has direct access to the Internet. Chinese Internet users grew by 8.5% making it 618 million users in late 2013. That same year, official figures from the Office of Electronic Commerce in China showed an increase of 24.7% in online consuming meaning 302 million Chinese people were going online to shop. Smart phones and tablets have become more popular as well since they cost less than a desktop computer or laptop. The accessibility of these mobile devices has enabled Chinese Internet users to grow as well. Those who use smart phones to browse the Internet went up by 19%, reaching 500 million.

Also noteworthy is the impact the Alibaba Group has in the marketplace. Its two large online stores, Taobao and Tmall, represent almost 84% of the volume of e-retail in China.

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