Cheap Living

Tailor-made clothes!

Why pay designer prices when you can haggle your way to a Gucci knockoff for an iota of the price. Sure the hem isn’t perfect but learning to sew is a valuable skill anyways. Stay abreast of all the latest fashions without being fashionably rich.

Live and die by the noodle!

Noodle places are a dime a dozen in China but don’t judge a book by its cover! Find someone to go with and sample as many noodle shops as possible and you will quickly find that appearances are deceiving. Some of the chain noodle restaurants are sub-par and lackluster while some of the shadier looking spots are actually home to chefs who have perfected the subtle art of noodles. Find a spot and stick to it trusting in the staff to make whatever dish you point at delicious.

Baozi and Jiaozi everywhere!

You’re Chinese doesn’t have to be perfect but you should learn all the local delicacies. Steamed buns and dumplings pour out onto every street and are both delicious and cheap. Vegetarians and meat lovers can both find tasty treats to replace that 30RMB burger which is probably worse than gutter oil for your already beleaguered stomach. Also, look in your local supermarket for frozen dumplings, probably the greatest thing since the frozen breakfast burrito!

Rice Cookers!

A cheap investment that quickly pays for itself! Rice is literally cheaper than dirt and makes a solid base for any meal. Buy a view vegetables and fry up some chicken for a filling meal at less than 20RMB! On top of being cheap it provides peace of mind since you know everything that goes into your meal instead of trusting your local chef who may, or may not, be up to speed on his culinary prowess.

Have a night out at FamilyMart!

When the weather gets nice we all want to spend the night outdoors. The problem comes when some western restaurants charge 80RMB for a drink. So how can we enjoy the night and not pulverize our wallets? The local corner store has a solution! Many of these corner stores come fully equipped with large patios, tables, parasols and, of course, open skies! reasonably priced drinks and snacks all at bargain prices. Take advantage of China’s leniency and bring a grill and some speakers for a full blown patio party!