6 Reasons Why You Should Intern Abroad

Doing an internship while in University can benefit you in so many ways. It means you can get experience in your related field of study before graduating and therefore have more set skills than those who don’t do an internship once you’ve graduated. You can get your foot in the door and make professional connections with potential employers before your university career is over and you’re out in the “real world”. Even so, doing an internship abroad is a step up of just doing an internship in your home country. It not only helps you grow professionally but personally as well. You develop skills that can be applicable in any job and you can show them off to your prospective employer. It’s never too late to do an internship though. If you’ve graduated and are still having a hard time getting a job, an internship may be how you can get your foot in the door. If you want to change career paths, internships will train you so you can be ready to do your new job proficiently.

  1. Develop Professional Skills – Completing an internship in your field of interest or study will let you apply all those classroom concepts into real-life work experiences. You’re no longer reading about it in a textbook, but applying your knowledge to practical skills. You learn how to work in a company, what is expected of you and the other employees in a particular sector and you learn what works and what doesn’t.
  2. Improve Your Resume – Most graduates hardly meet the minimum requirements for an entry-level job, but listing an internship you completed abroad will always catch an HR manager’s eye. It can help you stand-out out of all the hundreds of applications they receive, especially if it’s a country where the language is that other than your own mother tongue. This will also give you a chance to talk about your time abroad and market yourself on how that experience helped you develop all the skills they are looking for because you rose to the challenge of leaving everything familiar and comfortable behind.
  3. International Connections – Going abroad gives you a chance to network with other global-minded people. There are many global companies and notably successful people in their own right you can meet when abroad. For example, we have connections with well-established people that are experts in their field and we help you connect with them. In the ever global market, having connections around the world will provide you with lots of opportunities in your future professional endeavors.
  4. Cross-cultural skills and sensitivity – Going abroad not only develops your professional skills and knowledge but your personal ones as well. It makes you more independent and more self-aware as you navigate your way around a different culture. You challenge yourself by stepping outside your comfort zone and takes risks. Living abroad opens your eyes to how different lifestyles can be. There are some things that may offend you about a different culture or likewise you may offend someone from a different culture but if you stay open-minded you learn there is more than one way to look at things.
  5. Introduction to Language or Language Proficiency – Here at IntuuChina, we offer internships in various sectors in China. So obviously, speaking some Mandarin is recommended but if not we also offer Chinese classes. And while Shanghai is an international city where you can get by with very basic Chinese, interning abroad and being willing to learn will expose you deeper into the culture and the foreign language. If you already have some experience with said foreign language, nothing reinforces the material like living in that country where you can strengthen your language skills. It also gives you something else to list on your resume.
  6. Find Your Dream Job – Internships expose you to different types of jobs. They let you discover and narrow your preferred fields or positions. If you find that you love your internship then stick it out and do your best because the majority of companies are willing to hire interns that excel.

China offers employment opportunities to recent grads, many that aren’t available in Europe or the U.S due to the economic recession and high rates of unemployment. Though many people think that the working abroad is near impossible because of the conflicting information available online, we offer our services to minimize any stress from visa to accommodation issues. Most importantly, we act as a liaison between the companies and potential interns so as to decrease any uncertainty on both sides and create the best match. Interning abroad will open a range of possibilities after your internship is over and you’re left with great connections, mentors, working experience and memories.

Benefits of completing international internships that can help you become more skilled, impress HR managers and land your next dream job.